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My very special guest today is Dr. Anthony Rhodman ...

The episode discusses peak performance and life psychology with expert Dr. Anthony Rhodman. He explains that understanding yourself at a deep level through analyzing your different "minds" is key to success. Fear often stops people from achieving their goals by manifesting unwanted realities. Dr. Rhodman helps clients discover their true selves so they can achieve "perfect predictable success" through strengthening their ego and relearning how to dream big. Common mistakes include thinking others will change your life rather than taking responsibility yourself. His advice is to develop self-knowledge as it allows predicting and creating the success of one's choosing. Clients have thrived even during hard times like the pandemic by following his guidance. Listeners can learn more at his website or sign up for his self-discovery program.

Key Moments:

  • Dr. Anthony Rhodman is a mental peak performance expert who helps people discover who they truly are in order to achieve perfect and predictable success.
  • We have different "minds" within us like the conscious, subconscious, unconscious minds that need to work together harmoniously.
  • Our ego, which is often seen negatively, is actually the source of our power and choice if strengthened properly.
  • We all have multiple personalities or "characters" depending on the situation, but need a strong main identity to unite them.
  • Fear is the opposite of faith and prevents manifestation by keeping us stuck in a cycle of false evidence.
  • Most people's dreams and potential have been conditioned out of them from a young age through limiting beliefs.
  • Rediscovering how to dream and set goals is an important part of the process.
  • Trauma from the past needs to be addressed but with a future vision/dream to anchor one's progress.
  • Taking personal responsibility for one's life and success is key rather than waiting for others.
  • Dr. Rhodman helps people create a "manual" for themselves to fully discover and develop their ideal self.

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