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My very special guest today is Tony Pisanelli ...

Tony discusses 5 secrets to future-proofing one's career, including moving to a calling level where you cannot be replaced and continually developing new skills. Richard shares how he progressed from IT jobs to a career in media before losing his previous role. Tony explains the importance of caring deeply about your work and acting entrepreneurially even as an employee. They stress staying on the cutting edge of your field through continuous learning. Richard ensures he learns about new AI developments daily. Tony advocates designing your own career path proactively rather than leaving it to others. Taking control of your career was the overarching message. Richard found their discussion on transforming necessary career disruptions as opportunities highly stimulating. Tony's upcoming book will further explore how to design fulfilling, future-proof careers.

Key Moments:

  • Tony discusses 5 key secrets to future-proofing one's career: moving to a calling level where you cannot be replaced, doing something you genuinely care about, continually developing your abilities, thinking and acting entrepreneurially, and designing your career path.
  • It is important to progress beyond just jobs and careers to a "calling" level where you make a meaningful impact and cannot be easily replicated.
  • To future-proof a career, one must stay passionate about their work and dedicated to continual learning in their field.
  • Security comes from the ability to solve problems and meet needs, not from any single job. Skills must be continuously developed.
  • Once people feel they have "made it" in their career, they often plateau and fail to keep adapting to changes. Continuous growth is key.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset should be adopted even within companies to stay ahead of potential disruptions.
  • Losing a job can sometimes be a catalyst to pursuing a deeper calling.
  • Valuable experience and knowledge, not just age, determine an employee's ongoing value.
  • Designing one's own career path, not leaving it to others, allows one to pursue fulfilling work on their own terms.
  • Tony's upcoming book "Career Wide Design" expands on taking control of one's career journey.

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