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My very special guest today is Frank Iglesias ...

Frank Iglesias is an entrepreneur and real estate developer who has transitioned from being an IT professional to focusing on real estate. He discusses the importance of embracing both analytical and creative sides, and how coaching has helped him develop confidence and shift his mindset from being a "doer" to a coach. Frank emphasizes the value of having a coach, especially one who has experienced both success and failure, to provide an unbiased perspective and guide you through challenges. He shares examples of how his coaching has helped clients gain clarity and make progress, and offers a free 15-minute coaching call for those interested. The overall message is about the transformative power of coaching in both business and personal life.

Key Moments:

  • Combining analytical and creative skills can be very powerful, but requires developing confidence to embrace the creative side.
  • Improving by just 1% each day can lead to significant progress over time, as long as you have the accountability to follow through.
  • When facing challenges or setbacks, it's important to avoid getting caught up in emotions and instead view them as neutral events that don't define you.
  • The ability to shift from a "doing" mindset to a "coaching" mindset is crucial for effectively guiding and supporting others through difficulties.
  • Coaches who have experienced both success and failure themselves are better equipped to relate to and guide their clients.
  • Embracing failures and challenges, rather than fighting them, can lead to greater appreciation for eventual success.
  • Maintaining emotional intelligence and balance is key, as both over-analytical and overly emotional approaches can hinder progress.
  • Seeking outside coaching and guidance, even for experienced entrepreneurs, can provide invaluable perspective and help unlock new opportunities.
  • Focusing on what you truly want, rather than just chasing buzzwords or vague goals, is essential for achieving meaningful results.
  • Being open to trying new things, even if they don't work out perfectly, is a path to continuous improvement and learning.

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