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My very special guest today is Jaimi Rajendran ...

Jaimi Rajendran is a first-time mom who started a business called Studio Sheet to help other moms in business grow and scale. After being diagnosed with postpartum depression and ADHD, Jaimi struggled with the transition to motherhood but found that starting her own business helped her mental health. She now advocates for the strengths of people with ADHD and takes a collaborative approach with her clients, being upfront about her own diagnosis. Jaimi has created various systems and services to support her clients, including a CRM that helped one client book out two businesses. Her advice is to embrace who you are, as people will like you for it.

Key Moments:

  • Jaimi is a first-time mom who started a business supporting other moms in business to grow and scale.
  • After having her son, Jaimi struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety, which she was medicated for.
  • Jaimi was later diagnosed with ADHD, which helped explain some of the challenges she was facing.
  • Starting her own business, Studio Sheet, allowed Jaimi to focus on something for herself rather than just her son, which improved her mental health.
  • Jaimi advocates for the strengths of people with ADHD rather than just the challenges.
  • Jaimi is transparent about her ADHD with her clients and tailors her services to work with their needs.
  • Jaimi creates custom systems and processes for her clients, such as CRMs and email funnels, to help them scale their businesses.
  • One of Jaimi's clients was able to take a 2-week vacation while her business continued to run smoothly due to the systems Jaimi put in place.
  • Jaimi's advice is to "just be you" - people will like you if they like you, and you can't make everyone your people.
  • Jaimi is currently taking on clients for her CRM and VIP day services.

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