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My very special guest today is Ryan Lavelle...

Ryan is a technology entrepreneur with over 20 years' experience in the banking software industry operating in high pressure program management roles, with an engineering background and expert knowledge of disruptive new energy systems – a passionate and dedicated impact entrepreneur with founding vision to democratise and decentralise access to affordable renewable energy sources. Mpowa has signed contracts with multiple partners that will offer their sustainable products on the Mpowa platform.

Mpowa is a 2 sided block chain based SaaS platform that connects the demand and supply for sustainable products, projects and initiatives, making it easier for everybody to contribute. Furthermore, it takes care of the distribution side of such initiatives, providing a all-in-one solution for all stakeholders. Mpowa's beachhead market is the clean drinking market in developing countries. Using Solvatten's (partner) water purification unit, Mpowa has already developed traction and a team of "heroes" in 6 African countries to start with, for its rollout.

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