Hey, I'm Shaun (aka “The Brand Healer”), And I am obsessed with branding and building an unshakable mindset! And guess what, the 2 roads are interwoven with similarities that are hidden in plain sight. Both branding and mindset are about rising to the challenges and finding comfort within discomfort. My love for this dynamic duo has been cultivated over the last decade as I learned what it takes to build a multimillion-dollar brand and become the best version of myself while doing it. Fast forward to now, I am applying the same branding principles to the businesses of my clients to keep them aligned as they access the next level of their evolution. Through the success that I have had, I have earned the nickname “The Brand Healer” ​ Going National feelcbd was sold in over 200 stores nationally. It was the first experienced based CBD company in Canada which built a strong following on four distinct pillars: all natural ingredients, premium hardware, THC free and user friendly. Through this, I learned the importance of positioning yourself favorably within your industry and having a solid strategy to stand out amongst the competition. We were the first brand to introduce the concept of “micro-dosing” to the CBD space and all of our products came in sleek, sexy packaging to give the consumer a unique experience. Our design, although minimalistic, it was eye-catching and relatable which had us stand out amongst the other products on the shelves. Becoming the Best Over the last 10 years I have worked with countless business mentors, personal development coaches and shamans to learn what it takes to create an unshakable mindset. I have gone to the darkest depths of the self only to find the brightest light that I offer you today. Through self discovery I have learned how to conquer limiting beliefs and reprogram the sub-conscious mind. Unlocking My Truth My driving force is creating the glorious “ah-hah” moments in my clients personal a

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