#beaguest DO YOU NEED AN INTERESTING & EXCITING PODCAST GUEST ?? I'm a Celebrity Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Hypnosis trainer and Presenter of the Mind Control Expose Documentary EXTREME DANGER EXTREME HYPNOSIS and my resume is at: http://www.magicalguru.co.uk DETAILS OF WHAT I CAN OFFER AS GUEST ON YOUR SHOW HERE https://klearthoughtsmentalismhypnosis.wordpress.com/2023/01/07/unique-exciting-podcast-radio-or-television-show-guest-for-your-show/ My Stage name is JONATHAN ROYLE and under that name I am author of SHITNOSIS the Ultimate Self-Help Book helping readers to "Get Over the Shit in their Life" and to "Get their Shit together" I was bullied as a child leading to a suicide attempt due to being "The odd one out" having been born on the Circus and making my stage debut aged 3 as Britain's Youngest Paid Circus Clown and having Ginger Hair did not help the bullying either! This led to depression, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Sex & Cocaine Dependency for a short while which I finally overcame all addictions of using Positive Mind Power Alone and am now on a quest to help others change their lives for the better. Having overcome numerous Traumas & Near Death Experiences (Including having my Ear Ripped off by a Puma) I have gone on to sell Millions of dollars of products around the world and thus can also talk on Internet Marketing, Mindset for Business Success and developing a Millionaire Mindset. And due to my Skills as a Magician & Mind Reader where required I can demonstrate some amazing "Miracles" Live on your show. You can contact me via www.facebook.com/alexthehypnotist/ I am based in Manchester, England, UK. PS: I can talk about Hypnosis for Positive Life Changes as well as MIND CONTROL HYPNOSIS used in all areas of life to manipulate and control us like the powers that be do on us everyday. #beaguest #health #wellness #mindset #hypnosis #podcast #podcastguest #podcastguests #guests #hypnotherapist #findaguest

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