People who are already enjoying the benefits of rebalance coaching and incorporating consistently moving their bodies describe me as being: “A beautiful soul and this is reflected in his teaching, instructing and support…” -“…patient…” -“…understanding…” -“Friendly and genuinely interested in everyone getting the most out of each session…” “…able to support and guide to shift deep emotions…” “He has such a fantastic outlook on life and his fun personality makes you walk away feeling so happy and uplifted…” And that I clearly support and guide them at their own pace and capabilities. I run an online Mens Program plus online live yoga. Many years ago, you would have seen me staying busy and totally disconnected to what I wanted in my life and from my mind and body. I was feeling both mentally stressed and physically worn out. I felt frustrated and didn’t know where to look for support. I was struggling with my energy levels, emotionally I was drained, and I know something needed to change. I looked around at people I looked up to and admired, and felt I was being left behind as they were living a full life. They were living fully now. I knew if I kept doing the same thing in life, nothing would change. Losing a close relative was a massive wakeup call and reminded me how precious life is, which inspired me to take steps to live fully in the now. Around that time, I met with Swami Sarasvati, a hatha yoga guru who had introduced yoga to Australia in the ‘70’s through her segments on commercial television. From her traditional teachings, I discovered the power, peace, and vitality that comes from connecting the breath with movement. And witnessing how the simplest of movements bring a benefit. Then becoming a Re-Balance coach, combined with yoga, ensures everyone lives their best life, now and in their future. I have created and run a mens online program taking them from feeling lost, frustrated and fearful t

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