Hugh Massie


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Hugh Massie is the Executive Chairman and Founder of DNA Behavior International – the Behavior and Money Insights Company. He recognizes that to make quantum leaps in life and thrive for longer in a digital world there is nothing more important than the health and fitness of your heart and brain. Hugh is often referenced as a: Reformed Accountant, High Stakes Decision Orchestrator, Behavioral Finance Trailblazer, Serial Entrepreneur, Boys Without Father’s Mentor, Award Winning Author, Devoted Dad and Keen Golfer. However, Hugh is most known as a Money Energy Pioneer who self-empowers people globally with increased behavior and money consciousness—which has led over two million individuals to experience reduced stress, greater happiness, more success, and better health for longer. Drawing on over 4000 scientifically measured behavior and money insights and 40 years of diverse international business experience and building on his deep understanding of all life energies Hugh helps people develop the exponential 109 (ten to the power of 9) growth mindset for unleashing their true Money Energy potential that enables making quantum leaps in their life and business. This is accomplished by leveraging one’s authentic identity and unlocking the congestion caused by the three dimensions of money. Hugh has authored the following books: 1. Mastering Your Money Energy – Unleashing the Quantum Power of Money 2. Financial DNA – Discovering Your Financial Personality for a Quality Life 3. Leadership Behavior DNA – Discovering Natural Talents and Managing Differences

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