Lisa Byrne


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Lisa Byrne is an internationally award-winning marketer, course creator, podcaster and eCommerce marketing coach with more than 22 years of experience in marketing. Lisa helps female founders of product-based businesses increase their traffic, sales, profit and confidence by teaching them the right things to focus on instead of doing all the things. Lisa’s mission is to help women find more financial and creative freedom by improving their marketing, mindset and productivity. She has helped hundreds of women from all over the world transform their businesses without sacrificing their well-being or time with their families. With strong marketing foundations and a laser focus on simple, sustainable and scalable marketing and sales strategies, Lisa’s students unlock the secret to growing with ease and with less stress. With a background in television building household name brands like Nickelodeon, SBS, FOX8, and Cbeebies, Lisa brings big brand thinking and a no-BS approach to her clients and students. You can work with Lisa through her high-touch coaching programs and courses, designed to meet you and your stage of business.

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