Sally is delivering her best work when she’s helping leaders fall in love with who they are, what they do and how they do it! With over two decades of first-hand experience, immersing herself in multiple cultures, high pressure situations, remote climates and countries, Sally now shares with leaders, the unique skillset of learning the importance of team culture first-hand, with the ability to tap into what it takes to be a valued, aligned and energised leader. She is pragmatic and worldly in her approach, and through her research-based coaching programs, fun and interactive trainings, and team-building sessions, she helps people like you become authentic, inspiring and happy leaders. Sally has spent all but 25 years embracing this life with her husband Ant. They have lived an adventurous time and their kids are following suit! Zander 11, & Skyla 9, are destined for greatness- in their own right, no doubt! As a Certified Coach, Trainer, Extended Disc Behavioural Profiler and Emotional Fitness Consultant, Sally is on a mission to help leaders improve trust and certainty across all areas of their life, build a strong sense of self and make decision-making easier! You can contact Sally via her website here –, and her LinkedIn profile here - She's always happy to connect and say hi, so be sure to reach out!

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