A seasoned psychotherapist and transformation coach, a dynamic public speaker, published author, and filmmaker, Stephanie James delivers her message in a powerful way to help others find their own internal sparks, break through limiting beliefs and create an empowered life full of passion and possibility. Her new film, When Sparks Ignite, hosts an amazing cast of international thought leaders and changemakers, is about the challenges we all face and how those can become the match point within us that ignites what can become our gift to the world (available on the MoreU Channel on Plex Network). This June, she completed shooting a documentary with an award winning film crew for a new seven part season Becoming Fierce coming out this January on Plex. Her new book, Becoming Fierce - Creating a Bold and Beautiful Life, takes you through an intimate journey and guides you on how you can understand and expand your relationship with power, learn how to deal with challenging times and have challenging conversations, and cultivate strength, courage, and passion. "Becoming Fierce is an astonishing revelation of balance, poignancy, and meaning. Stephanie James has captured beautifully, the essence of universal wisdom and self love." Her first book, The Spark, Igniting Your Best Life, is a compelling, inspiring book and excellent guide on the path of life. Step by step, Stephanie James shows how to examine beliefs that don’t serve and change them into rocket fuel, how to cultivate grit and resilience, and how to approach each day with zest, fully ignited. Igniting the Spark with Stephanie James is a world-wide weekly radio and podcast created to help you live your best life. Her guests are luminaries in the fields of psychology, inspiration and motivation, science, entrepreneurialism, and more. Stephanie has an unrelenting commitment and personal mission to bring as much love and healing to the world as possible. Her message is inspirational and clear in all of her mediums: Your. Healing. Matters. For more information go to: https://www.stephaniejames.world/

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