Hi, I'm Katherine Pomerantz, actress turned accountant, and creator of the Money Storyteller Method. I started my own accounting firm because I believe every creative idea has the power to change the world if given the right financial support and opportunity. Yet too many business owners never get this opportunity because their money is a mess. As an actress, I was intimately familiar with power of a good story, and as an accountant, I realized people with messy money had a disordered Money Story to match. I also discovered that successful business owners were masters at Money Storytelling - they could read financial reports as easily as they could read a good book, and the information they gained went far beyond simple numbers. So, in addition to cleaning up money messes through my traditional bookkeeping and accounting services, I also teach the Money Storyteller Method. As a Money Storyteller - you control the story. You gain both a money mindset and a money management tool to make growing a business fun, easy to implement, and a whole lot less messy.

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