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My very special guest today is Katherine Pomerantz ...

Katherine started her career as an actress but found it difficult to pursue her creative passions living in rural Oklahoma. She realized she had a talent for accounting and helping others understand personal finances. Katherine created the Money Storyteller Method to make financial conversations more accessible and fun by linking them to the power of storytelling. She helps clients examine their underlying beliefs about money in order to support their values-driven goals and ideas. Katherine discussed how shame around money success can be overcome by understanding one's motivations. Her approach has helped many creative business owners gain financial stability while staying true to their missions.

Key Moments:

  • Katherine created the Money Storyteller Method to help people gain money mindset and management skills through reframing their relationship with money via storytelling.
  • As an actress, Katherine understood the power of storytelling and realized people's messy financial situations stemmed from disordered money stories.
  • Successful business owners are masters of money storytelling, talking about business qualitatively rather than with numbers.
  • Katherine helps mission-driven creatives establish stable financial foundations to bring their big ideas to the world.
  • Some people feel shame around making money or are self-sabotaging without realizing due to prevalent stories that money is bad.
  • Katherine assists those who found success but lack strong financial practices, creating chaos and mess behind the scenes.
  • Examining one's money story and values around wealth allows giving oneself permission to be both successful and good.
  • Religious and cultural stories influence people's money mindsets, creating shame around money and wealth.
  • Reframing one's money story through Catherine's method makes financial tasks more engaging and effective.
  • Katherine draws from leadership coaching, athletics, and acting to help clients get in the right money mindset.

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