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My very special guest today is Lisa Towles ...

This episode discusses the importance of self-care for business leaders. Guest Lisa Towles presents a framework called "strategic self-care" consisting of small daily practices like celebrating wins, grieving losses, and saying no. Reflection is important but difficult due to fear of the unknown. Leaders must balance high performance with well-being to avoid burnout. Small, frequent wins mirror agile development practices. Setting boundaries through polite declines prevents overcommitment while maintaining relationships. The discussion provides insight on enjoying life's journey through mindful self-management.

Key Moments:

  • Lisa Towles discusses the concept of "strategic self-care" for business leaders, which involves bringing strategy to understanding one's goals and values as well as self-reflection.
  • She outlines 5 tactics for strategic self-care: celebrating small wins, grieving losses, saying no, stopping perfectionism, and asking for help.
  • Self-care is important for business leaders to avoid burnout and stress but is often seen as indulgent or a sign of weakness.
  • Reflection can be challenging due to fears of opening "Pandora's box" but is important for calibrating one's mindset.
  • Saying no sets boundaries and shows self-awareness of one's limits, an important skill for leaders.
  • Perfectionism can be toxic and prevent completion of tasks if they're not perfect.
  • Small, frequent wins should be acknowledged to stay motivated between major successes.
  • Physical self-care like exercise complements mental/emotional self-care.
  • Leaders promoted beyond their expertise may need support developing new skills.
  • Finding balance between priorities and obligations builds healthy boundaries and respect.

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