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Evolvepreneur (After Hours)

As a time-poor, typically underfunded online entrepreneur who receives so much conflicting advice about the best ways to grow your business, how can you compete with the big end of town without any of the resources they have at their disposal?

Our mission is to start a revolution that will help entrepreneurs easily establish their own complete business system that can compete with the big end of town and mainstream social media platforms.

We want to help entrepreneurs make a real difference

Join us today where we dig deep with our guests and get you the best blueprints so you can fast-track your business...


EPS07:002 [Justine Martin] ​​​​​​​Reinvention- How to Modify and Adapt

Welcome to the Evolvepreneur (After Hours) Show I am your Special Host Richard Wray Join me today where we dig deep with our guests and get you the best concepts and strategies to fast-track your business. My very special guest today is Justine Martin ... Resilience means having the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and to show toughness. This definition has been the cornerstone of Justine’s extraordinary journey over the last decade, a journey no one could fathom, but in Justine’s words, this journey has changed her for the better. Justine uses her learned experiences of overcoming adversities to help others gain their own resilience. 2011, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, underwent three heart surgeries, and then had three primary cancers at once. She was told she would never work again by a medical professional. But that was never an option for her. Justine catapulted herself into the world of business. She not only changed her life to give it purpose and direction but also inspired those around her with her story. She now owns and runs seven businesses JUZT art, Resilience Mindset, Van–Go Decals, Morpheus Publishing, Team Fingerprint, Geelong Residential Cleaners and Justine Martin Speaker, all being under the umbrella of Justine Martin Corporation. In 2021/22 Justine was nominated for 29 national business awards and won 9 in various categories. Read more

EPS07:001 [Richard Wray] My Story

My name is Richard Wray, and this is the Evolvepreneur Secrets for Entrepreneurs Show and I am your host today. I believe that continual education and growth is key to everyone's success. This is why I am so excited to be partnering with a world class entrepreneur like John North to learn more myself and help guide others with his strategic approach to business growth. Coming from a small mining town in the North of England, the idea that I would have worked and lived in multiple countries and delivered success stories for major companies like Microsoft, the BBC and BSkyB would have felt like a dream when I was younger. Despite detractors, this is exactly what I have done! Read more