Good Project Management is Vital!

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One of the most significant areas of focus for successful businesses is managing your overall projects and associated tasks, as well as your customers, staff and contractors in an efficient way.

Recent project management statistics show that 35% of project managers are still using spreadsheets to build resource plans. This means that your offline projects are not in real-time and relevant decision making is much slower than an online collaborative system.


Our mission for is to help empower Coaches and Consultants to create a solid business.

Below is how we can help and even if you don't use our platform gives you a framework to start with.

Here's What Our Project Management Module Can Do For You! helps you keep everything together about your next project in one central place including files, discussions, tasks, which helps you avoid unnecessary duplication into 3rd party systems.

You can even create a template project and re-use it quickly for the next one.

  • Save Time
  • Afford expensive mistakes and cost overruns
  • Transparent and real-time collaboration with your workers and customers


Create Tasks to track each stage of a project, with the ability to mark items as complete and see at a glance how much is outstanding.

  • You can assign a task to one or more individuals.
  • They will receive emails to alert them about the task due.
  • Assign tasks separately or as part of a project
  • Assign Task Managers
  • Set Deadlines
  • Attach files
  • Set and change Priorities
  • Create a Task Template for quick re-use again

Task Owners

Typically a "Task Owner" is your customer who you have assigned to a project or task. This can also be you for internal tasks. They can see the tasks including any that are assigned to them. They can also comment and collaborate with you and your workers in real-time.

Task Workers

This category is designed for your staff or contractors to work on a task and optionally keep track of their time. The concept here is that you can leverage your workforce to do the work for your customers without necessarily having to manage every aspect.

You are also making them responsible in real-time for the project and it's success.  Workers can submit their time logs for timesheet approval and payment as well.

If you are charging by the hour you can also engage the customer in keeping their payments to you on time and easily top up their points from their dashboard.

Time Billing

Many Projects are directly related to time, this can be a major area that entrepreneurs can lose money and be unable to recover the lost time afterward.

By logging your time and your workers/contractors you are generating a real-time track of the time spent.

At the same time, your customer knows the costs and time and can make adjustments and communicate with your team before the project goes sideways!

Billing Points

Whilst you can simply charge per hour, we have also added an innovative way to "gamify" your projects. We call it "billing points" where you create a department and assign to your workers. But at the same time, you can allocate a number of points per hour per type of work.

So for example admin work may attract 1 point per hour, but perhaps complex graphic design work is 2 points and your personal coaching is 3 points. Then all you need to do is connect an e-commerce product to the project system and set a price per point. This strategy has significant benefits including more revenues to better managed and happy workers to happier clients.


Our comment system allows you to provide feedback on the task and keep all the relevant parties in the communication loop with email notifications.


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words! Simply attach any relevant documents and screenshots for your task so that everyone is in the loop.

Time Tracker

You and your workers can log time against tasks, tracked automatically with a start & stop timer. At the same time any logged billable time can reduce your customers' points balance.

TimeSheet Processing and Payments

One of the biggest challenges you will face when engaging workers to bill for their time is making sure the customer also gets charged.

Because the worker is logging their time against your customer project they are also generating the billing for that customer as well. At the end of the week for example the worker can "rollup" their time logs and submit to the TimeSheet Manager for approval who can then send it to the TimeSheet Accounts Manager for payment.

This system holds everyone accountable to the project and financial aspects.

Knowledge Base / Procedures / SOPs

Documenting your processes and procedures is often missed by entrepreneurs who then have to re-train staff when the previous employee moves on. In our system, you can create articles for every procedure and process in your business and then attach them to tasks.

Used in conjunction with the Project or Task template you have created a powerful turnkey business model.

Links to Ticket System

Our Project system lets you link your Project or Task to a customer ticket. This is an excellent way to handle workflow with your customers. They could create a ticket for task to be done and your workers can create or link tasks to the ticket.

This process means you can separate the task system from the end customer to avoid any issues.

User "less" System

This is our own term, what we mean is that we don't charge "per user" like almost every other project management system around. The project management system is a module and you can have as many users as you want in your own platform.

Of course, there are limitations around file storage but this is based on your overall hosting plan. Paying per user can be a very costly "tax" on success that we simply don't want be involved in!

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