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My very special guest today is Christy Wilson ...

Christy is a renowned national keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur with expertise in fostering positive corporate culture, guiding leaders in business growth, and enhancing employee engagement and retention. She's a sought-after speaker at various events, including state trainings, leadership summits, and employer conferences, and has been featured in media articles and national podcasts. Christy's role as a Health Access Advocate for the Immune Deficiency Foundation involves building relationships with policymakers and promoting the IDF's legislative agenda. She also serves on advisory boards and is the CEO of multiple businesses. Notably, she founded Next Level Connected, an organization dedicated to creating career opportunities for individuals with disabilities, driven by her passion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Key Moments:

  • Christy Wilson is a national keynote speaker and award-winning entrepreneur who helps businesses scale past $7-8 million in revenue through strategic partnerships.
  • Wilson's company Level Connected provides comprehensive business solutions to optimize operations, including technology, strategy, support, training and marketing.
  • Level Connected also partners with state agencies to create remote job opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
  • Wilson advocates for a partnership model over a customer model to jointly work with businesses to achieve their goals.
  • Common mistakes businesses make include choosing cheaper options without evaluating value, and not leveraging specialized expertise from partners.
  • Level Connected takes a fractional approach, providing targeted support in specific areas as needed.
  • The company has a diverse team spread across 34 states to provide around-the-clock support.
  • Succession planning is an important part of the process to ensure businesses can continue operating smoothly.
  • Fostering an inclusive, empowering culture where employees feel confident and contribute as a team is key to scaling.
  • Being dynamic and able to pivot quickly is important for entrepreneurs to solve daily problems and leverage strengths.

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