Our New Features up to March 2021


This is our monthly rollup of all the new features added to our Evolvepreneur.app platform

This is our first blog about our new features. So we will summarise where we are at and each month post a new update for you.

Some of the new features we added recently include:

  • Personal Area - Each user can have a personal area that appears in the Downloads in their My Zone. You can have a personal message and then also upload videos and files as well as give them access to products directly. LEARN MORE
  • Auto Creating Support Tickets for Products and Surveys - Ability to auto-create 1 or more support tickets when a product is sold or a survey is completed. LEARN MORE
  • Comprehensive Statistics Module - We now have the ability to display a dashboard containing all the statistics for your site. LEARN MORE
  • New Subscription Strategies Module -  This new powerful module will allow users to: (1) Build a subscriber list for podcasts and blogs with Call To Action buttons on Podcast and Blog Show Pages and (2) Auto email when a new post or podcast episode is released LEARN MORE
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